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Room for Growth? Growing Up in 21st Century Europe

Room for Growth? Growing Up in 21st Century Europe

Apr 13
Apr 13, 2024
Apr 20, 2024

In a world that always thrives for more we ask ourselves: How can we grow in all of this? Meet youths from across Europe to build a growth mindset and explore ways of dealing with surpassed limits.

Apr 13, 2024

In our world, growth is often regarded as a natural progression and the essence of well-being. This truth manifests in various forms: children evolve into adults, plants and trees mature, and animals reach their full states of being as they grow. In the history of the European Union, this type of progression shows in the expansion of the European Union, starting with six original members in the European Coal and Steal Community in 1951 to currently 27 countries and an increasing numberof applicants.


However, in other instances our desire for growth has also become an unattainable feat. The global pursuit of economic growth has expanded far beyond the capacities of our planet and humanity. Our relentless production of carbon dioxide surpasses the atmosphere's capacity, deforestation jeopardizes air quality and biodiversity,and our avid water consumption approaches critical levels. In this intricate web of challenges, countries find themselves in recurrent battles over resources and territories, driven by the aspiration to become larger versions of themselves.  


Diving into the multifaceted concept of growth, the seminar examines it from multiple perspectives. Growth emerges as a dual force—simultaneously the genesis of new life and a catalyst for destruction. It is within this context that youth from Greece, Poland, Norway, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Germany convene in this seminar, growing collectively as a cohesive, yet diverse group. The seminar will foster a growth mindset: We will look at challenges and setbacks as moments that hone the potential for growth and development of something new.Together, we will pose crucial questions: Where do we, as individuals, stand in the midst of these dynamics? How can we grow personally and as a group of European youths when we have collectively surpassed our limits? Where can we navigate the path of growth from here?


As the seminar unfolds, the collective introspection extends beyond critique. It seeks to unearth actionable insights and sustainable models for societal advancement. By fostering dialogue and understanding among the diverse perspectives from across Europe, the seminar aims to become a crucible for envisioning a future where progress aligns harmoniously with environmental sustainability, social justice,and equity.




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